This Icewine is made from Chardonnay grapes. In Slovenia we are allowed to call this wine Icewine after three nights in a row of min. -8  ̊Celsius. These grapes, or better called raisins were picked on January, 8th at -12 ̊ Celsius with 227 Oechsle and very gently pressed while still frozen.  Due to the climate change it is becoming more and more challenging to produce Icewine in our region, so we cherish these special products. 

Seven numbers Icewine 5

Technical notes Icewine 2016

Technical notes
Vintage: 2016 Region: Štajerska Slovenija Winemaker
Vineyard: Topol Store at: 10-15°C
HANDPICKED: 8 January 2017, 10 hl per hectare


Decanter 2021 bronze - world wine awards
Vino Slovenija 2018 Gold medal

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