Our story

The Puklavec family’s love for wine can be tracked back to 1934 in Slovenia. Martin Puklavec had a vision: to make the finest wines together. This philosophy continues to resonate through the family’s wine making today. Puklavec Family Wines are driven by the core values of passion, hard work and dedication to quality. Vladimir Puklavec and his family all work together, alongside the other winegrowers, with the determination to continue the pursuit of their (grand)father’s vision.

About the Wines

When dedicated men and women are devoted full-time to creating a range of wines and where passionate craftsmanship meets nature at its best…… this is where the story of Seven Numbers starts.

This team of highly skilled professionals benefits from a profound understanding of the specific terroir, microclimate and soil composition. Their goal is to ensure that only 100% healthy grapes make it into the cellar and transform them into a true statement on the art of winemaking.

Every wine has its own unique story and demands a special approach, just like people, every vine is different and whether old or young, when combined with nature they all contribute in their own special way.

Our vineyards

Here, it is all about location, with our stunning wines from Jeruzalem Ormož. Every vineyard in our hills is marked with a unique combination of seven numbers assuring that we can trace back every single grape to its original location.  We identify the best spots for our grapes that will later become part of this exclusive range. Extensive research in finding the best rootstocks for our vines combined with the best terroir and a dedicated team, all together form the foundations that ensure our quality commitment.

Country map - Slovenia in Yellow - Puklavec Family's vineyard